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On September 22, 2011, Mónica Toussaint received the Antonio García Cubas Award for the best anthropology and history book in the category of Dissemination, for her participation in the collective work 1910: La Universidad Nacional y el barrio universitario. This book was edited by Carlos Martínez Assad and Alicia Ziccardi, and published by the National University through the PUEC (University Program of Studies on the City) on the occasion of the University’s Centennial. PhD Toussaint wrote the chapter “Entre el recuerdo y el olvido: memorias de la fundación de la Universidad Nacional y la vida en el barrio universitario.”

On September 26, 2011, Alberto del Castillo was granted the Award of the Mexican Historical Sciences Committee in the category “Review of the 20th century” (Honorific Mention) for the review of the book Niños y adolescentes: normas y transgresiones en México, siglos XVII-XX, edited by Delia Salazar and María Eugenia Sánchez Calleja.

We wish to congratulate PhD Claudia Pardo and PhD Guillermina del Valle for the paper that won the Award for the Best Paper of the 20th Century Period, and the review that received the Award for the Best Review of the Colonial Period granted by the Mexican Historical Sciences Committee, headed by PhD Verónica Zárate.

PhD Silvia Dutrénit Bielous was finalist candidate to obtain the Bartolomé Hidalgo Awards of the Uruguay Book Chamber in the category of historical essay. She participated with her book La embajada indoblegable. Asilo mexicano en Montevideo durante la dictadura. This book had three presentations in the Mexican and Uruguayan chancelleries with wide attention from the press in both countries.

The Carolina Foundation granted PhD Ernesto Sánchez Santiró a scholarship for a research stay in relation to his project “War and Treasury: crisis and transformation of the Royal Treasury in New Spain during the independence war (1810-1821).” This stay took place at the Pablo de Olavide University, in Seville, Spain, from September 1st to October 31, 2011.

The Mexican Academy of Sciences admitted as new regular members PhD Mónica Toussaint and PhD Alberto del Castillo. Undoubtedly, this membership will enable them to strengthen their academic careers and to contact researchers from other institutions. As an outstanding event, the international premiere of the documentary Photographer’s word. Testimonial on the 1968 students movement in the context of México-Ipeat Session, “Materials for a new century. A tribute to Tomás Segovia” on December 8, 2011.

PhD Alberto del Castillo was assigned the professorship “México” by the Multidisciplinary Institute for the Study of Las Americas of the University of Toulouse-Le Mirail. As a consequence, he had an academic stay of two months in that university.

PhD José Ortiz Monasterio directed the bachelor dissertation that won the award History of Education in Mexico granted by the Ministry of Public Education and the Association of Universities and College Education Institutions (ANUIES). PhD Monasterio had the good sense of supervising an extremely original thesis entitled “The horizontals among notebooks. Reading among prostitutes of Mexico City (1872-1911),” by Lucía Esquivel Sanchez.

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