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The projects “The work of forensic anthropology teams in Latin America: a route of access to approach political repression and violence” and “A frontier on tenterhooks. Relationships between Mexico and the Caribbean in the long run (II),” by PhD Silvia Dutrénit Bielous and PhD Laura Muñoz Mata, were approved at the CONACYT 2012 Call for Basic Science, for their high academic quality.

The journal América Latina en la Historia Económica (ALHE) has been accepted in ELSEVIER, a web portal that publishes and distributes books and reviews with scientific contents from health sciences, and that recently has incorporated in their digital collections the field of social sciences. The great tradition of ELSEVIER in disseminating materials internationally (more than 20 000 books, 2 000 scientific and databases) will take AHLE review forward in gaining an international position and diversifying its readers.

The project “Intercultural cities and collective spaces. Sharing spaces,” in which PhD Leticia Calderón participates, received an important funding by the Seventh Framework Program of the European Union, in the pattern of international academic mobility, This project brings together researchers from the University of Venice, the National University of San Marín, the University of Lisbon, the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, and Mora Institute.

The project by PhD Lourdes Roca, “Rescue of the Latin American memory: preservation of images and systems of information, access and research, in the context of the festivities of the Latin American Bicentennial” was considered a “success case” by CONACYT. The results will be presented at the National Research Basic Science 2012, This recognition resulted from the join work of several of our researchers and the whole team assigned to the Social Research Laboratory.

The journal América Latina en la Historia Económica was indexed in SCOPUS, the largest database of scientific reviews’ abstracts and citations, having 19 500 titles.

PhD Alberto del Castillo was granted the 2012 Antonio García Cubas Award in the category of Art Book for Rodrigo Moya: una mirada documental. This book studies the work of Rodrigo Moya, one of the most relevant photo journalists in Mexico, who covered the protest demonstrations in the capital city in 1958, the Guatemala and Venezuela guerrilla, and the marines’ invasion to Dominican Republic, among other important events that took place in Latin America in the mid 20th century.

PhD Alberto del Castillo won the 2012 National Award of Essay on Photography granted by de Center of the Image, dependent of the National Council for Culture and Arts (CONACULTA), with the work: “The women of X´oyep. The story behind the photography,” where he analyzes the context surrounding the famous photography by Pedro Valtierra of the indigenous women from X´oyep confronting the Mexican army on the morning of January 3, 1998. That year, this relevant photograph won the King of Spain International Journalism Award, and is now the most widely known icon of the Zapatista uprising.

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