The Master’s of the Arts in Modern and Contemporary History was created in 1994 with the aim to consolidate a high-level academic space where to train human resources in Modern and Contemporary History. This master’s is part of the National Program of Quality Postgraduate Studies (PNPC) of the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT), in the category of Consolidated Program, which makes possible for the admitted students to be awarded a maintenance grant for their full time studies. The master’s has maintained CONACYT register since it was first registered, which reveals the excellence level the program has in training new cadres.
The master’s has a duration of two years. The curriculum is divided into monographic courses, specialization courses, and a dissertation seminar. Each one of these is directed to reinforce the students’ academic formation and to provide them with the necessary tools for their research work.
The dissertation seminars, from the first to the fourth semesters, give the professors and students the opportunity for a regular follow-up of their researches in order to successfully defend their dissertations at the end of the fourth semester. The dissertations The dissertations produced by the students correspond with the thematic and temporal lines that are developed at the Mora Institute. These lines respond to the historiography and innovation requirements of the national and international labor markets in the fields of history and social sciences.


Interview with a student from the Master’s in Modern and Contemporary Historydv

PhD Claudia Pardo
Academic Coordinator
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Asisstant to the Coordinator
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Secretary to the Coordinator
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