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(Closed call. Next process: January 2016)
This PhD is addressed to historians and social scientist with a master’s degree who have an ability to look critically at the past and the present, and to analyze from the standpoint of history the crucial issues of our time. This program offers an option for graduates from Masters of the Arts degrees in our Institute and for every one interested in conducting high quality PhD studies.
- Masters degree in humanities, social sciences, or similar disciplines.
- Masters studies certificate with a minimum grade point average of eight (8.0).
- TOEFL Certificate no older than six months. If the mother tongue of the applicant is NOT Spanish, a Spanish proficiency certificate will be required.
- Commitment to dedicate full-time to studies.
- Research proposal: : A document no longer than 12 pages (without bibliographical references) presenting and justifying the research subject, its relevance, the approach, the sources to be used and general references. The project must relate to the research lines of Mora Institute. (Digital format required).
- A sample of work previously done by the applicant. It can be a chapter of a dissertation, a published paper, or any other text that the applicant considers indicative of his abilities in writing, research, and analysis. The extension should be approximately 30 pages (in digital format).
- Foreign applicants living in Mexico are required to submit a document certifying their legal residence in Mexico or a proof of the permit in process (FM-3/ non migrant-student).
- To approve the academic selection contest, consisting of the following stages:
  • Stage 1: Submitting all the requested documents.
  • Stage 2: Knowledge Test. To prepare for the exam it is necessary to read all the materials listed in the bibliography.
  • Stage 3: Assessment of the project and the academic background.
  • Stage 4: Interview.
First, the applicants will fill in an application form on-line, with the complete documents attached. Those who do not meet all the requirements in the call will NOT be able to take part in the next stage. In the second stage, applicants will present the knowledge exam. In the third stage, the Committee will evaluate the project and academic background of the applicants. The applicants who satisfactorily approve the first stages will go on to the interview stage. After the interview, the final list of the accepted candidates will be made.
Opening call:
Document submission:
Issuing of the list of applicants going to the interview stage:
Interview week:
Publication of final results:
Courses beginning: 


2.    Copy of Birth Certificate. 
3.    Copy of the BA Degree and the MA Degree.
4.    Copy of the BA Studies Certificate and the MA Studies Certificate
5.    Official letter of average grade point in Masters of the Arts (minimum 8.0).
Foreign applicants, and Mexicans with a Masters conducted abroad, will be requested to submit an equivalent document issued by the Department of Validation and Academic Support of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), through the e-mail:
6.    Copy of the address proof.
7.    English Proficiency Certificate (TOEFL).
8.    Copy of the electoral identity card and the CURP (Single Code of Population Register). Foreign applicants will have to submit a copy of the passport. 
9.    Resume (with corresponding proof documents). 
10. Two letters of recommendation in the following form: ;Letter of recomendation.doc. . Each form must be delivered to the professor who will fill it in and then send it to the Student Services Department at the following e-mail:
11. Health Certificate: Certificado de salud
12. Motives Letter 
13. Research Proposal (as indicated in the requirements). 
14. Sample of previous work (as indicated in the requirements). 
15. Copy of the dissertation or research made as final work to obtain the Bachelor of the Arts and Master of the Arts degrees.
16. A color photography in jpg format.