The Mora Institute, located in Mexico City, has an outstanding place among the academic institutions and research centers’ in social sciences. Its program of Master’s of the Arts in Political Sociology started in November 1982 and has ever since represented a remarkable space to undertake high-quality postgraduate studies in that discipline.

This Master’s is incorporated into the National Program of Quality Postgraduate Studies (PNPC) of the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT), in the category of Consolidated Program. This certifies the excellence level of the Master’s and it also makes possible for the admitted students to be awarded a maintenance grant so they can dedicate full time to their studies.
The duration of the Master’s program is two years. The degree is obtained upon submitting and defending a dissertation resulting from an original research. To attain this aim, the students have the support of a first-level faculty of research professors the majority of which have a PhD degree and are members of the National Researchers System (SIN)..
The dissertations developed by the students correspond with the research lines that are a priority at the Mora Institute. These lines are an innovative response to the national and international requirements for specialized and adequate knowledge in the fields of sociology and political studies.
 Interview with a student from the Master’s in Political Sociology

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