The José María Luis Mora Research Institute is a high level academic and scientific centre that stands out within the national and international social sciences studies. One of its main concerns has been to train specialists capable of approaching social issues from a territorial standpoint. Consequently, the Master’s in Regional Studies was created in 1985.

The Master’s program lasts two years, at the end of which the students must submit and defend a dissertation resulting from an original research. To fulfill this task, the students have the support of first-level research professors, who are mostly PhD graduates, and members of the National Researchers System (SNI).

Besides having the valuable collaborationof various research centers, the program taught by Mora Institute is part of the National Program of Quality Postgraduate Studies (PNPC) of the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT), in the “Consolidated” category. Hence, its Mexican and foreign students are eligible for National Scholarships


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