At Plaza site the main headquarters of Mora Institute can be found. It is located in the Colonia San Juan Mixcoac, in the house where the distinguished political and reformer Valentín Gómez Farías used to live.

En esta sede ubicada en la Colonia San Juan Mixcoac, se imparten la mayoría de las clases de los diferentes programas académicos que ofrece el Instituto Mora.

provided here. Also, the following offices are located here:

• General Director
• General Secretary
• Teaching Direction
• The Coordinators of the five academic programs taught at Mora Institute
• School Services Department
• Research Direction
• The Library “Ernesto de la Torre Villar”
• The FCE bookstore “José María Luis Mora”
• History I Department: Urban, Regional and International Studies
• History II Department: Political, Economical, Social and Cultural Studies
• Editor-in-Chief for the BiCentenario journal
• Connections Direction

Address: Plaza Valentín Gómez Farías # 12,
Col. San Juan Mixcoac, C.P.03730 México, D.F.
Phone: 5598 3777 Fax: 5563 7162.
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At Madrid site, located in Colonia del Carmen, Coyoacán, as in Plaza site, some of the classes of the academic programs offered by Mora Institute are taught.

This is the site of:

• Social Sciences and International Cooperation Department
• Publishing Subdirectorate
• Editorial Production Department
• Director of ALHE review
• Director of Secuencia review
• Social Research Audiovisual Laboratory
• Observatory of International Cooperation for Development in Mexico

Address: Madrid # 82,
Col. del Carmen Coyoacán, C.P.04100 México, D.F.
Phone number: 5554 8946 y 5598 3777
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At Búfalo site, located in Colonia del Valle, the following offices can be found:

• Direction for Management and Finances
• The Restoration and Bookbinding Workshop of the Library Sub-department.
• Internal Control Body

Address: Búfalo # 172 Barrio Actipan
Col. Del Valle, C.P.03100 México, D.F.
Conmutador: 5524 3654 y 5598 3777
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This new building was acquired in Decembrer 2013.

Address: Poussin 45
Col. Mixcoac, C.P. 03730, México, D.F.
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