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PhD Juan Carlos Domínguez Virgen
He made his PhD and Master’s degree studies in International Development at the University of Oxford. He is candidate to be a member of the National Researchers System. His researches have focused on subject matters such as: governability, social movements, and public policies in Latin America. He has been consultant advisor in the fields of infrastructure, economic development, and regional planning. He has been collaborator for Felipe Ochoa and Associates (FOA, S.C.), Oxford Analytica, Centre of Latin America Intelligence (CILA), and Thelos-Consulting. Director of the Area of Sustainable Urban Development in the Agency of Environment and Natural Resources in 2001 and 2002. She has published texts in several academic journals —printed and digital— and Mexican press. Some of his papers are: “The Challenge of Providing Infrastructure in the Context of the Strategies of Mitigation and Adaptation to Changes,” co-authored with Marie Karaisl; “Megaprojects, Infrastructure, and the Limits of Participatory Democracy,” and “Beyond efficiency: the politics of investment policies in Mexico’s Oil industry.” He has been a teacher at the University of Oxford, the Stanford University, the ITAM, and the Anáhuac University. At the Mora Institute, he teaches in the programs of the Master’s in Political and Economical Sociology, and Master’s in International Cooperation for Development.
Academic Education
PhD in Development Studies, Department of International Development, University of Oxford, Great Britain, 2008.
Master’s in Development Studies, Department of International Development, University of Oxford, Great Britain, 2004.
Bachelor of the Arts in Economy, Management and Social Sciences, Monterrey Technological Institute of Higher Education Studies, Mexico, 1998.
Research lines
Compared politics.
Public policies and political processes (specifically infrastructure, energy, and environment).
Contemporary and political history of development in Latin America.
Social movements and democratization.
Research projects
Assessment of Social and Economical Impacts of Traffic Accidents in Mexico (as part of the Daimler-Anáhuac Professorship on Traffic Culture and Education).
Governability, Democracy, and Megaprojects in Latin America.
Phone number: 5554-8925 (or 8946) ext. 3138