The Bachelor of the Arts in History of the  José María Luis Mora Research Institute  provides a new educational program with the particular characteristic of training professionals of excellence in one of the three areas of a historian practice with the greatest impact on society::
We offer solid education in universal history, history of America, and  history of MexicoMoreover we respond to the needs to teach and communicate historical knowledge, as well as to rescue and preserve our cultural heritage.
In Mexico, there is a high demand for historians with a solid education and skills to teach particularly in basic medium and high medium grade levels, to disseminate historical knowledge, and take part in the management of cultural historical heritage.

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PhD Claudia Ximena Montes de Oca Icaza
Academic Coordinator
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Assistant to the Coordinator
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Martha Rodríguez Pacheco
Secretary to the Coordinator
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With the aim to supply the future historians with the tools for history dissemination,    the cinema association for children La Matatena, Asociación de Cine para Niñas y Niños A.C  was invited to give a workshop for the first time at the Institute. Students of different semesters of the BA took part in this stop-motion animation workshop with modeling clay. . The   objective was  to create a space for expression and dissemination of historical knowledge through a creative process of filming a short-film. This experience provided the opportunity to reflect on the role played by historians in the society and the tools that can be used in disseminating historical processes.​​

By the end of 2013, the students  produced the short-film  Jugando con la Historia (Playing with History)  (México, 2013), where they turned the results of a historical research into a timeline in order to offer children a recollection of the toys and games that have being part of Mexico’s cultural history.​​​

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With the participation of PhD Ximena Montes de Oca (Coordinator)
el PhD Gerardo Gurza (Teaching Director), and 
alumnus Rodrigo León (Cultural Heritage Management).



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Milenio, 30 January 2014.