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School Services Department
The School Services Department has as main role the personalized attention to the academic community of Mora Institute: students, applicants, graduates, faculty and coordinators of academic programs. Principal tasks include keeping a constant an effective communication with the coordinators of the academic with whom its work is connected, in order to improve its function, issue the yearly School Calendar, indicating the general academic activities, receiving, registering, organizing, preserving and keeping safe the documents in the students’ school files, as well as keeping record of the final grades of the students at the end of each semester and school cycle.

The faculty, applicants, students, and graduates can contact us to apply and, if applicable, pay for:
• Receiving and processing admission applications for the entire academic programs trough the online Register System.
• Registrations
• Re-registrations
• Issuing of report cards and academic records
• Cancellation procedures
• Paperwork for grade exams
• Management and control of the faculty assessment system


School Services: from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Phone number: 5598-3777, Ext. 1101, 1111, 1125 and 1127