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Each year, the Marcel Bataillon Professorship of the Mora Institute promotes the visit of a French professor to give lectures in this institution. This aims to encourage scientific exchanges, which are fundamental for the development of academic relations between the Mexican and French institutions. The objective is to serve as a means for disseminating the new historiography trends of the French school.


Since 2004, distinguished scholars have been invited to lecture on the history of the book and of editing in France in the 19th century, from different perspectives. In 2004, Jean-Yves Mollier; 2005, Jean-François Botrel; 2006, Dominique Kalifa; 2007, Anne-Marie Thiesse; 2008, Roger Chartier. In these lectures, the invited professors have presented the most recent contributions of French historiography to the study of edition in France during the 19th century.


In the collection Cuadernos de Secuencia of Mora Institute, some of these lectures have been published: Mollier, Jean-Yves. La lectura en Francia durante el siglo XIX. Mexico: Instituto Mora, 2009; Kalifa, Dominique. Crimen y cultura de masas en Francia, siglos XIX-XX. Mexico: Instituto Mora, 2008; Thiesse, Anne Marie. Francia y la cuestión de la identidad nacional. Mexico: Instituto Mora, 2010. 

The Marcel Bataillon Professorship at the Mora Institute is supervised by PhD Laura Suárez de la Torre, whose interest is to favor academic relations with France..